Tokyo Olympics Organizers Want to Have 18 Test Events

Tokyo Olympics Organizers Want to Have 18 Test Events

Tokyo Olympics organizers have a lot of work to do after postponing the event due to the coronavirus. They scheduled the Summer Games to open on July 23, 2021. The announcement came the same day that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported 570 new cases of infections.

Although Japan handled the coronavirus pandemic better than other countries, cases have been on the upward swing in recent weeks. At present, there are around 2,000 deaths from the virus.

According to Olympic officials, four of the test events will have athletes from overseas. They include gymnastics, volleyball, diving, and swimming. One of the events is a track and field tournament at the new National Stadium on May 9. However, it is still unclear if athletes from overseas will join the event.

Tokyo Olympics Organizers Preparing Test Events

Tokyo Olympics Organizers Want to Have 18 Test Events

Based on reports by sportsbook pay per head providers, they will not allow overseas fans to watch the test events. Also, the organizers didn’t specify how many local fans can watch the events.

According to bookie pay per head reviews and news sites, some test events will not hold actual competitions. Instead, they will only test the operations during events. It was a way to reduce spending.

Japan recently allowed fans to watch sports events live. The Japan Series had around 19,000 fans in the stadium. Earlier this month, thousands of fans watched a gymnastic event in Tokyo earlier in November.

According to Tokyo Olympics organizers, they are working according to the guidelines of the Japanese government. All In One Reviews learned that the organizers are launching an event to convince global audiences, Japanese residents, and sponsors that the Olympics and Paralympics can occur during a pandemic.

They will announce health protocols that will protect athletes, fans, and staff. However, organizers are vague about the details. Also, it can still undergo changes until the start of the Olympics.

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