Pakistan Super League Violated Gambling Laws

pakistan super league violated gambling laws

On February 13, the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League began. However, the league was scrutinized after some teams signed sponsorship deals with surrogate websites of illegal offshore gambling firms. Casino news reports say the Pakistani government doesn’t allow gambling in the country. According to the Prevention of Gambling Act of 1997, citizens can’t participate in gambling. However, the government enables gambling within tourist complexes. Also, only foreigners can gamble on the premises. Although Pakistani citizens can’t gamble, offshore gambling platforms are promoted via some teams in the T20…

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Final Week of the NFL Season: Playoff Spots at Stake

final week of the nfl season: playoff spots at stake

The NFL has been waiting for news of Damar Hamlin’s recovery throughout the week. However, the show must go on this weekend for the final week of the NFL season. Many playoff sports are at stake this weekend. The Bills’ Monday game in Cincinnati was postponed and then canceled by the NFL on Thursday night when Hamlin fell during the first quarter. The Bills (12-3) are now one game behind the Chiefs (13-3) for the AFC’s top seed and a first-round bye due to the postponement. On Sunday, the Bills…

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Apex Legends Review – PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

apex legends review – ps4, ps5, xbox one, xbox series x/s, and pc

Apex Legends is a battle royale where players can launch themselves up to the sky and dodge bullets. Since its launch in 2019, each version’s game has continued to grow and improve. Also, the developers have been adding more content and new ideas to make the game more interesting. That’s what we’ll tackle in this Apex Legends Review. According to a review website, matches are fast. To win, teams need to display versatility, mobility, and teamwork. According to bookie software experts, the game’s structure is similar to other battle royales.…

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Guide to NBA Fantasy Basketball Week 21

players to consider in nba fantasy basketball week 21

We are near the end of the NBA regular season. At this point, most teams have around 15 games left. For NBA fantasy basketball Week 21, there are several players you need to consider. At the late stage of the season, managers need to look for players that can provide the best value for the remaining games. We present some ideal players for leagues of all formats and sizes. Find out which players you can use for your fantasy basketball roster. NBA Fantasy Basketball Week 21 One of the players…

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Louisiana Sports Betting Bill Heads to Governor’s Office

louisiana sports betting bill heads to governor's office

Lawmakers passed the remaining pieces of the Louisiana sports betting bill. Thus, players can start wagering on sports before the start of the NFL season. Governor John Bel Edwards signed the first of the three bills last week. However, the two bills required last-minute adjustments during the final day of the lawmakers’ session. According to gambling news reports, 55 of 64 parishes voted for some sports wagering. Also, more than 64% of citizens in the state supported the action. According to the best pay per head sportsbook, Ward and three…

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Outriders Review – PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X

outriders review – ps5, pc, and xbox series x

Square Enix brings a sci-fi third-person shooter with its new game, Outriders. Our Outriders review will look at what the new game brings to the looter shooter genre. One thing we noticed right away is that Outriders is not a Destiny clone. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. In the last ditch move to save the human race, the Enoch Colonization Authority sent two ships to an Earth-like planet that’s 100 years away. The Outriders are elite soldiers tasked to explore the new planet. However, they discovered the…

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How to Bet on Super Bowl LV

how to bet on super bowl lv

Do you want to bet on Super Bowl LV? The Chiefs vs. Bucs game is one of the most awaited championship matches this year. The best way to enjoy the game is to wager while watching it. Thus, please read our guide to learn how to wager on the Super Bowl. Bookie pay per head services already have lines for the Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay match. Below are the betting options and what they mean. Whether you are a casual or professional player, there’s a wagering option for you.…

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Tokyo Olympics Organizers Want to Have 18 Test Events

tokyo olympics organizers want to have 18 test events

Tokyo Olympics organizers have a lot of work to do after postponing the event due to the coronavirus. They scheduled the Summer Games to open on July 23, 2021. The announcement came the same day that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported 570 new cases of infections. Although Japan handled the coronavirus pandemic better than other countries, cases have been on the upward swing in recent weeks. At present, there are around 2,000 deaths from the virus. According to Olympic officials, four of the test events will have athletes from overseas.…

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9DollarPerHead Rating Chart Customer Service Rating: Price Rating: Platform Rating: Gambling Software Rating: Pay Per Head Service Rating: Overall Rating: 9.0 9.0 9.5 9.5 9.0 9.2 Available for: Mobile, PC, and tablets Our sports betting software review is for people who want to start a bookie business without spending a lot of money. There are many PPH solutions on the market. We tried the software from because they offer their bookie pay per head services for free for two weeks without obligations. 9DollarPerHead is one of the popular…

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Big Ten Postpones Football Practices, MAC Cancels Spring Sports

big ten postpones football practices, mac cancels spring sports

According to an official announcement, the Big Ten postpones football practices using pads. They made the decision to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Also, the conference decided to remain in the acclimatization period for the sport. The Big Ten voted to keep football practices in the stage where players can wear helmets. The decision came after the Mid-American Conference delayed all fall events, including football. The MAC is the first conference to cancel all fall sports. Instead, it is focusing on moving the games to spring. With the move to…

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