2017 AVG Antivirus Review

2017 avg antivirus review
avg antivirus and protection

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Available for: PC and tablets

The 2017 AVG Antivirus is just as great as ever in providing Fast and Easy PC Virus Protection.

avg antivirus free screenshotThis antivirus software became available in 1991 and is now of the largest suppliers of antivirus software on the market.

When comparing antivirus software on the market, this software recognizes threats to your computer by matching them to a database of known threats.  In addition, it also protects your computer against spyware and adware.

Another feature of the software is that it prevents the PC user by preventing them from opening infected files and placing these files in quarantine.

AVG Antivirus Pro AVG Antivirus Cons
AVG Antivirus did an excellent job in recent malware testing and in protecting against the latest viruses The only con is that AVG Antivirus software significantly slows down your computer when compared to other antivirus software on the market.

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