Outriders Review – PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X

outriders review – ps5, pc, and xbox series x

Square Enix brings a sci-fi third-person shooter with its new game, Outriders. Our Outriders review will look at what the new game brings to the looter shooter genre.

One thing we noticed right away is that Outriders is not a Destiny clone. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. In the last ditch move to save the human race, the Enoch Colonization Authority sent two ships to an Earth-like planet that’s 100 years away.

The Outriders are elite soldiers tasked to explore the new planet. However, they discovered the planet suffering from a scientific anomaly. It destroyed all electronics that wiped out the first colonies on the planet. Also, it mutated animals and plants into monsters.

Outriders Gameplay

outriders review – ps5, pc, and xbox series x

Now that we have the background story out of the way let’s look at the gameplay. One thing that makes Outriders stand out from the crowd is its combat. Although it is a third-person shooter with loots, the design and execution of the combat are fresh.

According to online reviews, you can choose from four classes, Pyromancer, Devastator, Trickster, and Technomancer. Each class has different specializations. However, you can use any of the four to go through the game’s content.

Friends can join your party no matter what class they are in. Also, there are no restrictions on what type of content you can do with a party. According to games and sports betting software reviews, the gameplay is a combination of aggressive healing and cover-based shooting.

Summary of Outriders Review

When you have some free time while becoming a bookie, be sure to play Outriders. It is an excellent third-person shooter that has some refreshing mechanics. Also, the gear system is different from other shooter looter games out there. The gear system provides more depth to an already excellent game.

Outriders Review – Ps5, Pc, And Xbox Series X 4

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