Man Wins $5 million, $500 and $100 on the same Day

man wins $5 million, $500 and $100 on the same day

A New Jersey man is feeling quite lucky with an amazing streak with a few scratch-off tickets according to a press release.  This is because the headline reads Man Wins $5 million, $500 and $100 on the same day. This lucky person is Robert Stewart who lives in Edgewater, NJ.

man wins $5 million, $500 and $100 on the same dayStewart told to New Jersey Lottery authorities he gotten some scratch-off tickets from The Rivermart in Edgewater, NJ.  Furthermore, he got it in the store where he had won a best prize on his $5,000,000 Fortune ticket.

According to Stewart, he said the agent called the store proprietor.  Thus, this led to the proprietor who hurried to the area to compliment him and give him an embrace.  The player said his enormous win abandoned him feeling fortunate, so he purchased two more scratch-off tickets later at night and won $500 and $100 bonanzas.

Stewart said he already appreciated a major lottery payday when he scored a $2,500 big stake from a scratch-off ticket.

You can’t win if you don’t play

Instantly in the wake of obtaining the ticket and some others, Stewart ventured to the side of the counter to scratch them. That is the point at which he found his fortunes for the day. Thus he saw the number 12 in the triumphant numbers and his own.

Stewart revealed the prize and was stunned when he saw it – $5 million. After the store assistant, the primary individual Stewart called was his mom. Before this stunning win, his greatest win playing the lottery was $2,500. With his new prize, Stewart intends to spare and contribute while utilizing the cash to help his family any way he can.

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